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File Submission Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is the File Submission Layout?

Does my Payroll or Human Resources software already support your File Submission Layout?

What if I am unable to create a file in this format?

I am going to create a query that exports new hire data in the format you require. What other guidelines should I use when building a query to export data in this format?

What if I am trying to report new hires for more than one company or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)?

My company has more than one FEIN and/or subsidiary, which FEIN do I list each new hire report under?

I am building a query that uses ranges of dates to select the new hires and re-hires that will be reported. What should I do to ensure that all new hires and re-hires are reported?

What if my company has operations in more than one location?

What if I still have questions about creating electronic files?


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